Welcome to Santoro’s Books. We specialize in serving the book needs of teachers and librarians. We know your schedule is jammed and we hope you can come to rely on us not just to fulfill your orders, but to make suggestions and assist with budgetary concerns. Feel free to submit your wish list – we’ll let you know price, availability and date of delivery. We have access to any book in print, including textbooks and foreign language editions. If you’re not sure of exact titles, tell us your areas of interest, reading levels, etc. and we’ll create a recommended title list for you, complete with descriptions and reviews. Just send us an email to start the process carol@santorosbooks.com 

Among our many personal services we offer:

– Free delivery in Seattle and south Snohomish County
– Discounts that are frequently better than the online retailer
– Price quotes (we’ll work within your budget)
– Twenty-one day billing
– Return options
– Title recommendations
– Anything else we can do to make your life easier – at least as far as book ordering is concerned

More details can be found in the School Orders section of our website.

Quote of the Month

“You don’t need to take a book off a shelf to know there is a voice inside that is waiting to speak to you, and behind that was someone who truly believed that if he or she spoke, someone would listen. It was that affirmation that always amazed me. Even the oddest, most particular book was written with that kind of crazy courage – the writer’s belief that someone would find his or her book important to read. I was struck by how precious and foolish and brave that belief is, and how necessary, and how full of hope it is to collect these books and manuscripts and preserve them. It declares that all these stories matter, and so does every effort to create something that connects us to one another, and to our past and to what is still to come.”

~Susan Orlean, The Library Book

Thank you for supporting small businesses.

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